I'm an ocean dwelling creature with a love for quiet moments, and journalistic style photography. I'm based in Denmark, WA, but travel worldwide for commissions and projects. Get in touch with me to check my current travel dates.

“Composed of singular, minimal moments, you get the sense from the photography of Denmark based Paris Hawken, that every image is the first line of a story that reaches fruition in the heart. Inceptions of memories and captured beauty, her love for her art form is palpable, and if it takes one to know one, immortalizing love in a frame is the epitome of what she does best. Her photography washes over you, subtly immersing you in her hypnotic aesthetic, as she draws inspiration from her natural surrounds to capture intimate portraits and wild landscapes with a signature softness that seeps from each frame. Expect dappled light and dancing shadows; each shot a blissful concoction of beautiful moments quietly captured.”

- The Lane

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